HigherRing specializes in savvy


customer service, sales, 

and backoffice support.

Our people take pride in solving problems, converting shoppers into purchasers and increasing cart size through upselling and cross-selling.  


We turn your unhappy customers into brand advocates.


We know it can be scary to turn over this important function but we are proactive, retail experts.

  • We love shopping with your customers and solving their problems - whether they be product, payment or shipment related.  

  • We free up your onsite staff to do the valuable work of interacting with your visitors.

  • We speak in your company voice and keep current on your product offerings.​

  • We supplement your current team or take over the whole thing.

  • We hire savvy, happy, motivated team members here in the U.S who use emotionally intelligent soft skills such as active listening to create non-scripted authentic connections.​​



  • We can scale up or down according to seasonal fluctuations and grow as your sales grow.

  • You have real-time insight into everything we do and a direct communications channel straight to team management.​

  • Our monthly reporting brings you actionable insight from the front-lines.

  • We remove the complexity of managing an onsite staff.​  Never be slowed down by employee sick or vacation days again. 

  • We handle the systems, the training and the ongoing management to enable consistent, excellent service. 

  • We work on Shopify, Magento, Yahoo Small Business, Wix Online Store and others.

How Does it Work?

You decide which channels you want us to cover. 

(email, chat, phone, text, social)

You decide on the intensity.

(real-time or semi-real-time)

You decide what hours you want us to cover.

(coast to coast, weekends, holidays)

You provide us any special support requirements so that we can find the perfect people.  


You provide us training and we do living documentation for our team.

We set you up on our systems or you grant us access to your systems.

We start receiving your calls, chats, emails.

We feed you real-time helpful insight, produce monthly reports with metrics valuable to you and join you on a weekly team call so that we can stay aligned with your goals and happenings.  

You focus on building your product or service.

Our Savvy Team Can Handle Your Backoffice Work 

We can work on your order management system to process your orders.  Our backoffice ecommerce management service works hand-in-hand with our customer service team.  


  • Fraud management

  • Vendor management (we are great at dropship)

  • Returns & exchange management (including save the sale initiatives)

  • Escalation resource 

  • Accommodations management

  • Payment management

  • Amazon marketplace

  • Wholesale order entering, tracking and follow-up

We can do anything that can be done remotely.  And we train multiple people so you don't experience any downtime.  

+1-844-913-RING (7464)

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