HigherRing books your
tours, activities and excursions.

Activities We Book

Tour and Activity Booking |  HigherRing | USA | Onshore Customer Support
  • city bike tour

  • whale watching

  • food tour

  • snorkeling activity

  • historic house tour

  • pub crawl

  • ghost tour

  • bay cruise

  • kayak tour

  • whitewater rafting

  • surfing instruction

  • hiking tour

  • catamaran tour

  • segway tour

  • party bikes

  • ski trip

  • animal tour

  • art tour

  • ziplining

  • volcano tour

  • and more...

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peek pro | HigherRing | United States
RocketRez | HigherRing | United States
Rezdy | HigherRing | United States

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How We Work

We are experts in tour and excursions.  Our travel teams only work with activity providers.  


We thoroughly train in the common reasons why your customers call and how best to enthusiastically and expertly book your tours. 

We are here to answer questions and we love up-selling and cross-selling.  We know that knowledgeable and savvy conversation is the best way to book excited visitors.

We can port your number to our systems or source a local number for you. 

We work on Fareharbor, Peek, Rezdy, RocketRez and anything else you're using to book your tours.

We cover hours from morning in Maine to evening in Hawaii. 

Tour Group


Phone Support

13-14 Hours/Day

365 Days/Year

Airbnb Experience Bookings

Quick Entry and Maintenance of Bookings

Live Chat or Text

Real Humans

Fast Response Time

Operations (Shared)

Web Inquiry Emails

Affiliate Management

Calendar Support

Capacity Optimization

Social Media Customer Support

Web Inquiries

Quick Response To Your Contact Us Inquiries

Operations (Dedicated)

Items From Operations (Shared) plus:

Other Regular Tasks

Private Tour Logistics

Third-Party Bookings

Social Media Posting

  • Requires yearly contract and payment of monthly minimums in advance via ACH. 

  • Pricing dependent on volume. Highly seasonal, complex or low volume clients may be charged higher per-minute costs.

Get Started​ in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Quick onboarding call to set up lines of communication and confirm training.

  2. Grant us access to your booking system.

  3. We transfer your number or set up forwarding.​

  4. We start receiving your calls, chats, emails freeing you up to grow your business.​​