Our Values

We are a community

We are curious. We are kind

We dream.

We have grit. We have fun.

We believe in teamwork.

We kick ass

Meet The Founders

HigherRing was founded by Michelle Hirons and Susan Hopkinson in 2017 specifically to create quality jobs across the U.S. by providing efficient, effective and affordable customer service and operations support for small to medium sized businesses. 


Longtime friends, they were inspired to create sustainable, well-paid and coached jobs after the 2016 election as a way to combat the growing inequalities in our country. Sustainability is at the heart of HigherRing and we were proud to found ourselves as a registered Benefit Corporation. 


Benefit corporations address the problems of shareholder primacy; they are legally empowered to pursue positive stakeholder impact alongside profit.  We are also a proud certified B Corp in which we are certified every three years that we are operating in a way that is supportive of people, planet and profit.

Michelle has over twenty years of experience in call center processes and developing back-end systems for big retailers and cloud-based SaaS enterprise companies. She is passionate about excellent, efficient customer service and converting contacts into win-win sales.  She has been involved with numerous start-ups and growth companies where she built dynamic contact teams and their systems from the ground up. As HigherRing’s visionary, Michelle focuses on establishing strategic client relationships, researching technological advances and customer service trends.

At HigherRing, Susan structures deals, quantifies impact and spearheads the B Corp initiative.  Susan brings a wealth of financial and due diligence knowledge, as well as an analytical mindset, to the company.  She’s passionate about data and ensuring that HigherRing clients have the actionable insight from the front-lines needed to make operational, process and systems changes.

Company Timeline

Hands Up

We respect each employee for the unique individual that they are and encourage a diverse culture inclusive of disability, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, and service to country.  We believe our different backgrounds, perspectives and passions make us stronger and allow us to

envision and create new solutions to old problems.

We value and promote a hard-working, warm and inclusive workspace by creating opportunity for all.

Our Team

Our Board of Directors


Michelle Hirons

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Susan Hopkinson


Rachel Hirons