Spring: More Sun, Lovely Blossoms and Allergies!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Happy Wellness Wednesday, everybody!

Spring is such a gorgeous season and truly one of my favorites. The blossoms everywhere, the green of everything, warm (but not yet too hot) sunshine… what’s not to love?

Seasonal allergies, that's what! Anybody else dread them every single year? Some of us have them so bad we require injections to help keep our symptoms in check! However, for some of us, the symptoms might just be irritating. Some of these symptoms include: watering, itchy red eyes, nasal congestion and sneezing, sore or scratchy throat, ear ache or even ear infection, irritation and mood swings. Sound familiar?

The good news is that there are some things we can try that may work well for lessening or alleviating these irritating and minor symptoms. Some of these tips from draxe.com include:

1- Consume local raw honey. 🍯Local honey contains bits of pollen and allergens that you may be reacting to, effectively building your immune system’s defense against these irritants! Raw means it hasn’t been treated with heat, which is important because heat will kill the healing properties of the honey. Shoot for consuming two tablespoons a day. Don’t put it in hot liquids, enjoy from the spoon or stir into your iced tea, drizzle onto a piece of nut butter toast, etc.

2- Get exercise! 🏃‍♀️Moving your body lowers inflammation in your body, and inflammation is not welcome when your body is trying to fight off excess mucous production and seasonal allergies.

3- Consume bone broth! 🍵It is highly anti-inflammatory. The collagen and gelatin that naturally occur in bone broth help to seal up your gut, which lowers your body’s inflammation levels.

4- Eat pineapple! 🍍 Bromelain is an enzyme that is found abundantly in pineapple! This enzyme is excellent for digestion and is highly anti-inflammatory as well! It also helps to coat the throat, so if you’ve got an obnoxious seasonal tickle cough, up your pineapple intake! All the extra vitamin C and B also ramp up your body’s ability to fight off these seasonal symptoms and reactions.

Anybody else think that these all sound like completely doable options for helping to manage seasonal allergies? Let’s hear from you! Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Have you tried or do you do any of the above listed home remedies to help make yourself more comfortable? Do you have anything to add to the list that has worked for you?

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