Celebrating our B Economy

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

When we first incorporated, we made a commitment to become a B Corporation. We loved the idea of using business as a force for good - paying living wages and offering health benefits, paid training and paid sick and vacation time. We firmly believe that treating our team members well, results in a righteous circle of happy support and happy clients.

We were also excited about the rigor involved in the B Corp assessment that analyzes many things about the business’ operations, including, for example, the quality of their supply chain, their treatment of workers and the environment, and how the business supports its community. We looked forward to buying from other B Corps and having clients from within this community who cared about how their vendors ran their businesses.

And so we were thrilled this month, to sign our first B Corp client. While we don't reveal the names of our clients, since we white-label our presence on the front lines of their client success, this small but powerful and activist food company creates markets for farmers of pesticide-free grains and fruit. We are tasked with professionally handling their email, phone traffic and social media customer service.

We know that our team efficiently handling this work allows our client to focus on their development - getting their product into new markets and developing their next food offering. We couldn't be prouder about helping them scale and grow.

Next month, we head to the B Corp Champion's Retreat in Los Angeles to mingle with our larger community, to celebrate our wins and focus on how we can grow this movement. Michelle is spearheading a breakout session on how we can work together to look first within our community for vendors and suppliers. She fully intends to use our new client as an example of what is possible when we work together.