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Your Support Team in the Cloud™

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We are proud to partner with Kleiner Perkins portfolio companies.  

HigherRing’s savvy U.S. based agents handle your contact center volume for sales or support through phone, chat, email, social, text or community portals.  We take all the management of an in-house team off your plate - the hiring, training, staffing, management and even systems! We live and breathe excellent support and hire for your specifications.


Let us know your:

  • Desired channels (phone, chat, email, social, backoffice, text, community moderation)

  • Type of support (ecommerce, technical support, app support, sales)

  • Estimated volume (if you know it)

  • Hours you’d like us to cover

  • Knowledge complexity

  • Agent special skills or talents (a job req is helpful)

  • System needs (use our contact systems or we can work on yours)

  • Required certifications (PCI, HIPPA, etc)

  • Grant us access to the systems you need us to maintain

We can work within your budget and scale with you.  We offer full transparency to all our activity and grant access to our team Slack so that you can see us working.  We are not simply a receptionist service.


We are an extension of your in-house team, but we’re not taking up space.  Our enthusiastic and savvy people absorb your brand and speak in your voice.  Our reporting is a concise and curated look at your service metrics and front-line feedback.


Give us a shout!  We’d love to help!.

Each business is different.

We customize our pricing to give you the best deal possible.  Below is general pricing that may need to be adjusted if your team needs more specialized training or staffing.


Each team is fully managed for consistency and excellent performance.  We take care of employment, staffing, coverage for sick/vacation days and management. 

Ecommerce Customer Service Pricing Example Plan

(includes email, phone*, social media)

We're happy to talk through your needs and goals so that we can make a no-pressure mutually beneficial proposal.

Thanks! We'll be in contact shortly.