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HigherRing is proud to support clean energy and greentech companies.

We specialize in operations, engineering support, technical support, sales support  & customer support for companies in the solar, water conservation, efficient lighting and renovation conservation spaces.

Conservation Businesses

We are excited to support companies specializing in home conservation upgrades.  We know this is a huge area of win-win growth. Beyond solar panels, upgrades to windows, insulation, HVAC, water heaters, furnaces and appliances, can be game changers for a household's energy usage and financial load.   


We know that moving to net-zero homes and businesses builds wealth, increases disposable income, protects home and business owners from the rising costs of energy and is hugely beneficial to our environment.


Architects at Work

Solar Sales

HigherRing is pleased to support

B Corp solar companies in the areas of engineering administrative support, commercial sales and inbound homeowner sales and service.  


We hire people who believe in the environmental benefit and financial return of solar, and who can position your company to be a helpful and trustworthy energy partner.


Solar Panel Installation
Green Roofs

Green Roof Sales and Lead Gen

Our team is passionate about the financial, environmental, inspirational and emotional benefits of green roofing.  We specialize in inbound sales and B2B lead generation for win-win installations that help with everything from storm water runoff, to decreased energy usage, to longer roof life, to cleaner and more abundant fresh air for all.

We believe that while the return on investment period might be longer financially, the installation of green roofs  provides an aesthetically pleasing space for meetings or recreation that can attract clients and employees, leading to broader, financially positive implications.

LED Lighting Companies

From automotive facilities to warehouses to factories to schools to large office buildings, lighting is a key way for companies to save money and reduce their CO2 emissions. Our team can help with both inbound inquiries and lead generation to efficiently target potential clients. 

Sure, you can do door to door, but it's tough to get far even with a great proposal.  Let us target business owners gracefully and directly in an organized and effective campaign that makes you their most popular vendor.  We work at the top and middle of the sales funnel to lay the groundwork for your in-house staff.

Light Bulbs

Getting Started​ in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Quick onboarding call to determine needs and goals - support or sales or both.

  2. We determine if any systems or systems access is needed.

  3. We'll do a proposal to fit within your budget.

  4. We'll find the perfect person or team.

  5. Train us once and we'll do the documentation to ensure we can become productive and consistent team members.

  6. We launch our service and work closely with you to optimize as we go.​​