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Taking a Deeper Dive - How We Can Help

Multi-Channel Support


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Customer Care

Have a product or service that needs support?

Our agents will know your offerings inside and out, and can troubleshoot and problem-solve. 

We are customer care experts.



Our agents work on your systems to place orders for your customers. Using low-pressure and effective sales techniques, they turn shoppers into brand loyalists.  We work closely with you to identify products and services appropriate for further sales opportunities, and then actively and naturally promote them to your customers.  


Expert Issue Resolution

Our team members understand typical ecommerce issues and can quickly troubleshoot using your systems and processes.  We walk that fine line between offering accommodations that create brand loyalists while maintaining healthy profit margins.


Industries We Serve
Education | United States | HigherRing
Shared Economy Services | USA | HigherRing

Shared-Economy Services

eCommerce BackOffice Retail Support | HigherRing | USA


HigherRing | USA | Tour Industries


United States | Delivery Services | HigherRing

Delivery Services

Travel | HigherRing | USA


Museums & Historic Houses | HigherRing | USA

Museums & Historic Houses

Technology | HigherRing | USA


Excursion Providers | HigherRing | USA | Ticketing

Excursion Providers

Social Media | USA | HigherRing

Social Media



We fully immerse ourselves in your brand and we speak in your voice for seamless brand representation.  Our team management takes every opportunity to absorb your culture, connect with your internal team members and

understand your goals.

Ability to Scale

No matter how big the job, we have the ability to scale our services to match your needs.  And we can structure our teams to be dedicated for comprehensive, more complex solutions or shared for simpler, more cost-conscious solutions.


Quality of Care

Every decision we make is driven by our mission to provide the highest quality of customer care. From our highly selective hiring processes, to our thorough client onboarding and our in-depth agent training, our focus is on increasing brand loyalty and the lifetime value of your customers.  We hire our team members as employees and we pay for their equipment, onboarding and training.

We offer flexible, stable shifts.

We know happy, engaged employees make a huge difference

in quality of care.



We are entirely U.S. based, so you don’t have to worry about cultural and language barriers. Our agents are located across the country, minimizing disruptions caused by issues such as weather or power outages.



Our agents are trained and experienced on multiple call center telephony & CRM systems.  We can work on your preferred system or use our cutting-edge, secure, cloud-based systems.


How We Are Different


Our agents are always ready and eager to help your customers and clients.  What type of support do you need?

  • Semi-Real-Time?

  • Round the clock?

  • Extended business hours to cover both coasts?

  • Business hours?

  • Holiday coverage?



We regularly evaluate your account and proactively present solutions for your needs. Our team provides your customers with thorough information and solutions, solving issues on the first call and proactively preventing the next call.



At HigherRing, our culture is an integral part of our success. As a company, we value community, teamwork, kindness, creativity and hard work. With high-quality training provided in a stimulating and healthy environment, our agents have the tools and inspiration to provide the highest level of care to customers.

We are also proud to be a

women-owned business.


+1-844-913-RING (7464)

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